Sick Notes

It is not always necessary to see a doctor when requesting a sick note or Med3. The information below should indicate whether we can sort the note out via a telephone message or whether you would need to make an appointment to see a doctor.

We would advise requests for sick notes should be made after 11am and will be available for collection after 2 working days.

For up to one week

If you have to take time off work for up to one week you do not require a doctor's sick note. You will need to complete a SC2 (self certificate) form for your employer which can be collected from reception. Occasionally we get requests for a private sick note as employers are unhappy to accept an SC2 form. If this is the case then we can issue one, with a charge to your employer, provided they can give us written consent that you are happy for us to provide them with this information.

Self Certification Form

For time off greater than one week.

If you have been off for longer than one week and have not been seen by a doctor for this illness you will need to make an appointment to see a doctor for an assessment.

Extension of a current sick note.

If you are requesting an extension for a current known problem then you will not necessarily need to see a doctor and you can leave a message for your usual doctor who will either issue the note or request you make a follow-up appointment to discuss further.

Time off following an operation or hospital admission

If you are requesting a note for time off resulting from an operation or a hospital stay for another reason then, provided we have a hospital letter or your doctor is aware of the problem(e.g. organized your referral or admission), we should be able to sort out a sick note without you needing an appointment. A message will be left with the appropriate doctor.