Healthcare Team

Health Care Assistants

  • alt=””Melinda Forbes – Female

    Melinda joined the practice in 2012, and has 12 years experience as an HCA. She works in the treatment room; dealing with with wound care, ECGs, phlebotomy, NHS health checks, blood pressure, and flu vaccinations. Melinda also assists with minor operations, and supports our family planning clinic.

  • alt=””Charlotte Jones – Female

    Charlotte joined the surgery in March 2011, she works in the treatment room providing wound care, ECGs, phlebotomy and blood pressure checks. Also works in health promotion clinics offering weight management, health checks, new patient checks and smoking cessation. Charlotte is also involved in diabetes, chest management and hypertension clinics. Special interest in wound care, smoking cessation and hypertension.

  • alt=””Anna Mierlak – Female

    Anna is a valued member of the HCA Team.

  • alt=””Leanne Holden – Female

    Joining Lion Health in March 2017, Leanne has been a healthcare assistant for 10 years; working with acute illness and helping manage chronic long term conditions in various healthcare settings. Main role is assisting with long term conditions, hypertension, diabetes, asthma and COPD clinics, she also works within our treatment room offering ear irrigation, ECG’s, wound management and blood pressure monitoring advice. Her main interest is family planning and women’s health.

  • alt=””Erin Cartwright – Female

    Erin has recently joined Lion Health following the merge with Norton practice, and is a valued member of the HCA Team, with an interest in respiratory medicine.