Prescriptions FAQ’s

What happens if I get a prescription from the hospital?

If a hospital doctor feels that you would benefit from medication then they will advise the surgery.

If it is felt that you require the prescription urgently then the hospital doctor will issue you a prescription that can be obtained from the hospital pharmacy.

In all other cases they will issue a pink form that should be dropped off at the surgery. For most requests this will be dealt with as per any other routine request, i.e. will be available in 48 hours. If your doctor needs to see you before the script will be issued you shall be informed.

What if I want to request a medication that is not on my repeat list?

Unfortunately the EMIS Access internet system does not at this stage allow you to request any medications that are not on your repeat list. We would advise you to make requests for this type of medication in writing. This means that should your doctor feel it is appropriate to prescribe the item, the prescription can be generated. If it is likely to be needed regularly, the item can be added to your repeat list. Please be aware that for certain types of medication your doctor may feel that you need a review, either by telephone or in the surgery, before they can be issued. This will always be for a good reason and you will be informed of this. In the future we will be working on ways to make this process more efficient.

Why are not all medications added to my repeat list?

There are numerous circumstances when medications are prescribed and not added to a repeat list. In almost all circumstances there will be a good reason for this and if you feel a medication that you require regularly is not on your repeat list then this can be discussed with your doctor.

What if my regular medications are changed by the hospital?

When the hospital makes changes to your medication they should provide prescriptions for the altered items and then write to your G.P. to inform them of the changes. This process can take a bit of time so if you are requesting medication that has been changed by the hospital then please allow extra time for this to be done safely. The medication can be requested in the usual way.