Making and Cancelling Appointment

Do I need an appointment?

It is not uncommon for patients to make an appointment to see a doctor for things that we can manage more efficiently by other means.

If your appointment requires any of the following services then we may be able to help you without the need to come to the surgery.

Please click on the relevant problem to see if this can be managed without needing to see your doctor.

Where can I be seen?

We have routine appointments available at Lion Health. These can be obtained via the appointments line.  Please ask about availability.

Details (including addresses and contacts) of other practices can be found via the link below, should any of our patients wish to be seen elsewhere during the Winter season (depending on availability).

How the appointment system works.

Appointments can be booked in person, online or by telephone. You can request to be seen by any of our doctors but it will not always be possible for you to see your preferred choice at the time you request.

We acknowledge that many of our patients would like to be seen by a preferred doctor. Please bear in mind that some our doctors have other commitments including teaching, management of the practice and the development of local health services. This will limit their availability at certain times. If you have an acute or new problem that requires you to be seen before an available appointment with your preferred doctor, we would encourage patients to familiarise themselves with two or three of our other skilled GPs, or a member of the Nursing Team if appopriate.

Our appointments system is a fluid one with appointments opening at staggered intervals. Some appointments are embargoed only to be released at a pre-set time. This time is determined based on demand and is pre-determined. The receptionist will not be able to open these appointments. Please believe the receptionist when she updates you on availability. If there is not an appointment to offer she will not be able to find one.

To help make best use of our appointment system see our top tips.

Online Access

This online service allows you to cancel your appointment.
You will require a password in order to use this service.

Click here to make an appointment online

Appointments with a doctor.

Routine Appointments

Pre-bookable appointments are available up to 4 weeks in advance. These are designed to allow routine reviews, assessment of existing or non-urgent medical problems and medication reviews. It is advisable to book well in advance as advanced appointments for your preferred GP may be limited and go very quickly.

Our Appointments line is 01384 460111

On the day and next day Appointments

Appointments are released at varying times in an attempt to meet demand for medical appointments. A proportion of these are designed to accommodate individuals with medical problems that need assessment either on the day or the next day.

Our Appointments line is 01384 460111

Home Visits

For more information on our home visiting process please click here.

Nursing Appointments

Our nurses are clinicians in their own right. Many of them are able to prescribe within their field of expertise. They can accommodate many of the needs of the patient including areas that you have traditionally visited your doctor for e.g. blood pressure check, routine diabetes checks and cervical smears. The nurses' appointments system works in exactly the same way as the doctors.

Specialist Clinics

We offer specialist clinics for many chronic problems.

Link to services and clinics page.



Online Access (EMIS)

This online service allows you to cancel your appointment.
You will require a password in order to use this service.

Click here for further information on cancelling online.

If you prefer to speak to our receptionists then you can still ring our appointments line. However, due to high volumes of calls it can sometimes be difficult to get through and we would encourage people to utilise our dedicated cancellation line if at all possible.