COVID-19 Restrictions Update: 16th July 2021

I am sure we were all delighted to hear the latest COVID-19 update announced by the Prime minister this week.  At Lion Health we all share the desire to return to how things used to be however, we must recognise that cases of COVID-19 are growing and new variants are giving cause for concern.  Therefore irrespective of what might be happening elsewhere there will be very little change once restrictions ease.

We ask that patients help us and each other and:-

  • Continue to wear face coverings when in the surgery
  • Try to maintain social distancing at all times
  • Continue to telephone the surgery when in need of an appointment from members of primary healthcare team (we will be increasing our online booking capacity for specific services)
  • Use our website for administration and prescription requests
  • Attend surgery at the designated times (staff will advise) to pick up/drop off samples or correspondence.

Whilst we understand that restrictions may be frustrating we have many sick and vulnerable people that attend surgery, some of whom may not be able to receive the COVID-19 vaccination.

We remain committed to keeping our patients and our staff safe whilst striving to provide the best possible service as we have done throughout the pandemic – remaining open, offering a much more flexible range and higher amount of appointments than we did pre-pandemic as well as managing a COVID-19 vaccination programme.

We very much appreciate the support that you have shown throughout the pandemic and hope that you will continue to support the need to keep the surgery as safe as possible for all concerned.

Thanks to all,

LH Management and Partners