Patient Participation Group

Lion Health is proud of its thriving and developing patient panel group (PPG). This forum gives our patients the opportunity to help shape the future of the practice.

Objectives for the group:

  • To enhance communication between the patients and all partners and staff of Lion Health Medical Practice.
  • To act as a signpost towards the practice’s system of suggestions and complaints.
  • To promote health education and awareness on topics of interest and value to the patients and to co-operate with medical activities, where appropriate.
  • To encourage the formation of a locality-wide ‘virtual’ support group.
  • To promote, after discussion with the partners, any other matter that is deemed to be in the interest of the patients and the practice.

Additional Information

We generally meet on a quarterly basis, but will have additional meeting when requested or necessary.

We have an email reference (virtual) group that supports the core panel.

Membership of the group is open to all patients; interested parties should contact a member of the management team in the first instance.

Current Chairperson Nick Jackson (Operations Manager).

Join our Patient Panel

As well as the core group that meet in person, we also have a Virtual PPG.
This is for patients with an interest in the practice, and the work the PPG, but who do not wish to attend our meetings. Please note: virtual members are more than welcome to sign-up to attend our meetings at any time.

To join the PPG, please complete our online Patient Participation Group Registration form.

PPG Information and Meeting Minutes

For more information and to view our PPG minutes, please go to our PPG Information and Meeting Minutes page.