We currently operate an ‘on the day’ model for GP appointments to enable us to see our patients’ safely, efficiently and effectively. We offer routine appointments (initially this will be a telephone consultation and the GP will inform you if a Face to Face consultation is required); and have the facility to accommodate urgent/emergency appointments with our on call team if this is appropriate.

If a Face to Face appointment is deemed necessary by the GP this will be booked with you at your telephone consultation, before 14:30 each day.

Depending on which entrance you are instructed to use by the GP, we ask that all patients arrive promptly for their appointment time and wait in their cars, or a safe distance away from the main doors if you have come on foot, to be telephoned by the GP for your appointment when the GP is ready to receive you. Please do not queue at the doors as this impacts on your own and other patient, visitor and staff safety, we have made every effort to reduce congestion in the building so please support us with this. We ask that all patients wear a face covering to their appointment, and attend alone wherever possible.

Appointments can be made via:

Online Service

If you would like to register for this free service please complete our Register for Online Services form.

Do I need an appointment?

By employing a telephone first consultation model, we have been able to create efficiencies for our patients in reducing the number of unnecessary Face to Face consultations when issues can be resolved over the phone. This is not only more convenient for patients, but is also safer for visitors, patients and staff.

If your appointment requires any of the following services then we may be able to help you without the need to come to the surgery. Please click on the relevant problem to see if this can be managed without needing to see your doctor:

Where can I be seen?

Details (including addresses and contacts) of other practices can be found via the Find a GP page on the NHS website, should any of our patients wish to be seen elsewhere during the Winter season (depending on availability).

How the appointment system works.

Appointments can be booked online or by telephone. You can request to be seen by any of our doctors but it will not always be possible for you to see your preferred choice at the time you request, as our GP’s have different clinical working days and commitments such as teaching, management of the practice and the development of local health services. This will limit their availability at certain times. If you have an acute or new problem that requires you to be seen before an available appointment with your preferred doctor, we would encourage patients to familiarise themselves with two or three of our other skilled GPs, or a member of the nursing team if appropriate.

Routine Appointments

We have a number of online, pre-bookable telephone appointments, available 1 week in advance, these are currently on Saturday mornings. Availability is limited and these will be booked quickly. As we move through this challenging year we will be looking to open up further online booking in advance when we are confident this can be done safely.

On the day Appointments

Appointments are released at 08:00 each day for that day, we often have availability until mid-morning and sometimes beyond for routine appointments; please bear in mind that most people will choose to call at 08:00 and therefore the phone lines will be busiest at this time. We have an On Call team of GP’s on each day to increase capacity for any urgent or emergency issues to be accommodated wherever possible.

Telephone Consultations

An increasing amount of clinical advice can be given via a telephone consultation. Please be aware that some conditions and problems need to be seen in surgery and if that is the case you will be advised as such.

All appointments are conducted by telephone primarily, if a GP feels they need to see you Face to Face they will advise you of this and offer you an appointment later that day at a time agreeable to you wherever possible.

  • If your request is clinically urgent then it will be dealt with by an on call doctor.
  • It is crucial we have up to date contact information. You can use our online Change of Personal Details Triage to make sure your contact details are up to date.
  • It is not always possible to give a specific time for your telephone appointment- we will of course try to accommodate any requests but this cannot be guaranteed.
  • The GP will only try twice to contact you by phone. These attempts will be made a reasonable time apart and within the agreed time frame (08:30-14:30) If you miss these calls or are not available you will need to rebook.

Home Visits

For more information on our home visiting process please view our Home Visits page.

Nursing Appointments

Our nurses are clinicians in their own right. Many of them are able to prescribe within their field of expertise. They can accommodate many of the needs of the patient including areas that you have traditionally visited your doctor for e.g. blood pressure check, routine diabetes checks and cervical smears. Please call the surgery to book nursing appointments, or use Patient Access for Cervical Smears or Pill Checks.

Specialist Clinics

We offer specialist clinics for many chronic problems. Please view our Clinics and Services page for more information.

Cancelling an Appointment

You can cancel an appointment by completing our online Cancel an Appointment Triage, or leaving a message on the cancellation line 01384 461617.