Pregnancy and Child - Maternity Care

Congratulations on your Pregnancy

Once your pregnancy is confirmed you will need to make your first antenatal appointment, at 7-8 weeks, with the Midwife at Lion Health. 

First antenatal clinic appointment

As you leave the surgery, you will need to make your first antenatal appointment at reception to see Helen Pitt or Michelle Badland, Community Midwives. Your first antenatal appointment will be at The Medical Training Centre, Lion Health, 2 Lowndes Road, either on a Tuesday or Friday morning, and usually takes about 60 minutes. Please note: All further antenatal appointments will take place at the main surgery.

At this first appointment, your midwife will complete forms, give you some notes that you will need to present at all appointments when you have antenatal care, and offer you lots of information on many matters, including healthy lifestyle and dietary guidance, smoking cessation, parent-craft classes, breast feeding advice and much more. The Midwives will also offer you books and leaflets, and she can also refer you to other agencies for any particular individual matters should they arise during your discussions.

The midwife will arrange a scan appointment for you at your chosen hospital, which is usually carried out at around the 11th - 14th week, and may discuss with you about blood tests and other tests which may be appropriate for you, that are performed at different stages during your pregnancy. Some ladies may have already had a scan for various reasons prior to the 11th - 14th week of pregnancy. If this is the case with you, the midwife will then discuss when your next scan will be.

During this first antenatal appointment, all aspects of your ante natal care will be discussed and the frequency of your individual antenatal appointments. Please use this opportunity to ask about any questions you may have. 

Usually at around 16-18 weeks of your pregnancy, you will be visited at home at a pre-arranged time.

Follow-up Antenatal appointments

Whilst our doctors will continue to be involved in your antenatal care and work very closely with our midwives, our antenatal clinics are "Midwifery Led" with you seeing your midwife at each appointment.

Your doctor will see you at around 28 and 37 weeks of your pregnancy (we will write to you with this appointment nearer the time) and at other times should you require an appointment.

Midwife Ante-natal appointments at the surgery

Antenatal clinics are held at the surgery on Wednesday mornings between 9.30 and 11.00 am on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday or the month by appointment.

At each appointment the midwife will discuss with you the frequency of your next appointment, and you will need to re-book for the antenatal clinic at reception, accordingly.

Of course should you have any queries or concerns between these appointments, please contact your midwife or call the surgery (please see telephone contact numbers below).

What happens during future antenatal appointments with your midwife?

This varies a little, depending on each individual and your medical history, but usually it is something like:

During these visits you will be seen by your midwife. Please bring a specimen of urine and your notes (which Sue will have given you earlier on), with you to each appointment.

The midwife will test your urine specimen, take your blood pressure, check your baby's size and listen to the foetal heart, arrange any blood tests which may be due etc and discuss any concerns or problems you may have.

Meeting your Health Visitor

We have one Nursery Nurse - Anne Kelly, and four Health Visitors attached to our practice - Lisa Price, Natasha Durkin, Stephanie Rowntree and Ann Greening, who can all be contacted on 01384 366550, and are based at The Stourbridge Health and Social Care Centre (previously the old Corbett Hospital site).

At around 36 weeks of your pregnancy the Health Visitors will contact and invite you to meet them and offer you information about their supportive and advisory role for you and your baby from birth until they go to school.

*Should you need any advice between antenatal visits, please contact the surgery on 01384 371616 or alternatively contact the community midwife on 01384 456111 (ext 3358)

Remember that being pregnant is a normal process. Enjoy it!