Online Blood Pressure Project - Using the Software

Patient Portal - Supporting In-Control

The “Patient Portal” software has been designed to support the In-Control online blood pressure pilot. As this is the first time this software has been used in “real time” you may find things that can be improved. Feedback is important and if you encounter issues then a member of the software design team may contact you.

Should you wish to ask questions regarding the functionality of the software please email This email is for the team here at Lion Health. 


Set-Up Instructions

After being accepted onto the project, you will receive a set up pack that includes some basic written instructions on how to use the software and a log-in form that contains all of the information required to log onto the system for the first time.

We will agree with you on how you wish to receive this information - either by picking up from the practice or being sent via attachment on an email.


Using the Correct Web Address

It is vital that the web address is added correctly to the white bar at the top of your screen. This can be done, either by using a direct link from your welcome email, or copying letter by letter from your log-in details.


Logging In - For The First Time

The following video explains how to log into the system.

For written explanations please click here.


Logging In - All Subsequent Times

Step 1: Carefully type the web address into the bar at the top of your screen.

Step 2: Type in the user name and password.

Step 3: You will then be prompted for your memorable word

Assuming you submit all of the information correctly you will be taken to the “Dashboard”. It is from here that you can access all of the functionality of the software.


Navigating Around The Software

The following video explains how to navigate around the system.

General Use

While the software has a variety of functions your blood pressure can be safely and efficiently monitored by simply using ONE page.

This page is known as the dashboard and if in doubt always revert back to it. The dashboard is set up as a timeline, and it lists all of the tasks that are required. You can perform the checks at any time within your review month and the dates are simply used as a guide.

All we ask is that all tasks are complete within 21 days of the software being active.


Knowing When To Log Into The System To Complete The Tasks

At the start of your review month you will receive an email from This will inform you that by logging onto the system you will be able to submit the necessary information.


Submitting Blood Pressure Readings

The following video explains how to submit your blood pressure readings.

A written version can be found here.


How Do I Get An Appointment If The Software Requests Me To Do So?

Occasionally the software will pick up abnormal readings that require clinical intervention. You will be warned of this and be asked to make an appointment at the practice.

We will have specific appointment reserved to deal with any project clinical problems and you simply need to inform reception that you are part of the “In-Control project” and that the software has suggested a clinical review. The reception team will take care of the rest.


Other Functionality

The software enables you to fill in a lifestyle questionnaire and also download a blood form to ensure all of the necessary checks are undertaken to enable us to safely perform your review.

If you are required to perform these extra tasks then they will be present on “Your Tasks Timeline” on the dashboard screen.

For details on how to do the following please follow the links:

  • Filling in the questionnaire - here.
  • How to download your blood and urine forms and what to do with them - here.


Problems With Using The Software

We hope that you find the software easy to use but there may be things that you find difficult to do, We are therefore  populating a “Frequently Asked Questions” page (here) which we recommend you refer to in case your problem can be easily resolved.