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Online Review

Thank you for completing your blood pressure measurements, tests and lifestyle questionnaire. We have now added all this information to your medical record and can make some recommendations. We will either send you a summary of this information or contact you to give you some direct advice. The aim of this is to provide a personal health plan summarising the key cardiovascular health indicators and suggestions, should there be any, for reducing your future cardiovascular risk.


What Your Results Mean

The following videos outline the key areas of cardiovascular health, what your results may mean and how we can help reduce any adverse impact.


Healthy Living

As part of your assessment, we recommend you make healthy lifestyle choices and invite you to look at the following links on our website which gives advice on all areas. We can offer help on:

  • Smoking Cessation - here.
  • Alcohol - here.
  • Healthy Eating - here.
  • Exercise - here.

We have provided a brief advice sheet that you can read here.


What Blood Pressure Results Mean

See the following video, as also featured in the Checking Blood Pressure section:


There are many expert opinions based on large research studies on what a good blood pressure reading is, and it can vary depending on your age and other medical conditions you may have. The British Hypertension Society have provided the guidelines that we follow at Lion Health, and can briefly be shown in this table.


What Cholesterol Results Mean

Interpreting cholesterol levels can cause significant confusion and the video below is designed to elaborate on what cholesterol results actually mean:


Statins Explained

The video below discusses the role of statins in cholesterol lowering and also describes some of the commonly discussed issues.


What Glucose Results Mean

High blood sugar is a strong risk factor for cardiovascular disease. It can lead to Type 2 Diabetes, which along with obesity is becoming one of the biggest burdens to the NHS today. It is therefore important we identify this early and we check your blood glucose every year if you have high blood pressure. It is really important that this is done as a fasting test, i.e. you have not eaten for the 12 hours previous to the test. The table below is a quick reference guide to what your glucose result may mean, but please watch the following short video for more information.

Fasting glucose result                        Diagnosis

Less than 6.0                                                        Normal level

6.1-6.9                                                                    Impaired Fasting Glycaemia

More than 7.0                                                      Type 2 Diabetes