Online Blood Pressure Project - Security and Patient Safety

Patient Safety and Data Security

The safety, both of yourself and your data, is of the upmost importance to us at Lion Health.


Patient Safety

Abnormal Readings

The software has a set of safety mechanisms that will alert both yourself and us at the practice of any abnormal blood pressure readings that may require urgent attention.

Ensuring Accurate Blood Pressure Readings

The accuracy of your blood pressure readings is crucial and before you embark upon using the service we ask that you read carefully the information contained in the Checking Blood Pressure section of this site as this will ensure your machine is:

  • Validated for home use and
  • Less than three years old.

It will also ensure you are familiar with the required technique for accurate blood pressure measurement.


How We Will Contact You

The project is designed to work online and as such will require the use of email.

Emails from Lion Health

If the surgery contacts you regarding the project it will use the email address. We will not discuss any clinically sensitive information in these emails. They will primarily relate to the administrative aspects of the service.

Emails from Patient Portal

If we add information to your personal area within the “patient portal” software you will get an email from This will simply be asking you to log into the software using your personal password. No clinically sensitive information will be sent in these emails. Your last log-in date and time will be added to help verify the email has been sent from the software.

Everyone may have different security settings on their email accounts, resulting in some emails being directed into your spam / junk account. If you have not received these emails, then please check your spam / junk account, and enable them to go into your inbox.


Data Security

We have worked with our I.T. supplier, One Vision Health, to create an online environment that has robust and high levels of security within its design.

Here are just some of the measures used:

Secure sign in

The first time you gain entry into the website, you will be required to put in a temporary password and a PIN number. This will have been sent or given to you by the practice. Once this has been accepted you will be prompted to create your own password. Every time you log in, you must enter your chosen password followed by a unique memorable word. This adds two levels of security before the site can be accessed.

We encourage you to use passwords that are known only to yourself and contain both letters and numbers.

Time Out facility

If you've forgotten to log out of your online service, the patient portal will take care of this for you. After 15 minutes of inactivity you will be automatically logged out.

Note: When finally leaving patient portal, it is good practice to close your internet browser.

Security of data sent through the website via the internet.

All pages of the Patient Portal website are protected by a technology known as SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). This encrypts the data you send to the Patient Portal via the internet.

When you log in to their online services you are always protected - and this is shown by the padlock in the bottom right hand corner of your internet browser. This type of encryption is used by banks.

Security of data stored by the Patient Portal

All data held within the system is stored on a secure server which meets the standards expected within the Data Protection Act. Most of this data, including all clinical data, (blood pressure readings and questionnaire submissions for example) is stored as PDF files. These are then encrypted so that they can only be accessed by either the practice or yourself (via the appropriate log on process).

Further Information On Security

The following link offers further tips on keeping safe online.


What Data Do We Store?

The type of data stored.

The data stored within the system will be limited to the bare minimum required to ensure Lion Health can provide safe blood pressure management.

Under no circumstances will anybody other than the team at Lion Health have access to any of the data stored as part of this service. It will only be used by us for delivering the high quality care that will be provided as part of your blood pressure management.

How long the data will be stored for.

Once the clinical information has been transferred onto our clinical systems all clinical data will be deleted apart from the encrypted patient summary documents. These will remain active for three years unless you ask to leave the service.



We are happy to discuss any issues surrounding data and will add information to this site if required. If you wish to stop using the service, all data held within the “In-Control” software, will be removed.