Online Blood Pressure Project - Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

This area of the website will be update regularly once the system is up and running.


Using The Software

If we are unable to solve a problem with the software then we will be contacting our software developers, One Vision, and they may want to speak to you on the phone in order to identify the problem. If you are not happy for this to happen then please let us know when you contact us,

We have tried to create sufficient supporting material to ensure that most problems should resolvable by reading or watching the information contained in our software-support area within the website.


Question 1

I can’t seem to access the patient portal website.

There are a few steps worth taking to try and identify where the problem may lie.

Log onto a common website such as “bbc news”. This will confirm that there is no problem with your internet connection.

Open a new window from your browser.

Check that the writing in the address bar matches the following or click on the address.

Check that you have an up to date version of your internet browser. The most commonly used browsers are internet explorer and safari. The developers have ensured that the system should work on the latest versions (after version 9 in the case of internet explorer).

If you are still having difficulties then we recommend that you either email us at or ring the practice and ask to speak to Joy in our admin department.


Question 2

I have forgotten my password.

The passwords are encrypted and so if you forget your password we will need to reset the security. This will mean that you will receive a new temporary password and pin to enable you to access the system again. Your memorable word will remain the same.

In order for this to happen we recommend you either email us on or ring the practice and ask to speak to Joy in our admin department. We may need to ask you some questions in order to confirm identity and therefore may need to ring you back prior to re-setting your account.


Question 3

I have triggered an alert that states I must make an appointment. How do I do this?

Our reception team are aware of the project.  We ask that you ring our appointments line and state that you are taking part in the In-Control online blood pressure project and that you have been advised to make an appointment. You will then be offered an appointment with either Dr Woolley, Dr Kerr or Dr Evans during the next morning or afternoon appointment session.  We will try and fit around your schedule where possible.


Educational Resources

The following videos are designed to supplement the project, by explaining why we check the things we check and what your results may mean. These videos are for educational purposes and are to be used alongside the individual advice suggested by your clinician.


Risk Assessment

This video explains why checking blood pressure, cholesterol and lifestyle factors is important.



Blood Pressure Explained

The following videos explain how to check blood pressure and what the results actually mean.



Cholesterol Explained.

This video explains the rationale behind checking cholesterol...



...and what your results actually mean.



The following video also explains about how we make a decision regarding statin use.



Glucose Explained.

This video explains the rationale behind checking glucose...



...and what your results actually mean.