Online Blood Pressure Project - Blood and Urine Testing

Blood and Urine Testing

When we make a full assessment of your current cardiovascular risk, it is important we can account of many factors. We can get lots of information from testing your blood and urine. This includes seeing what your current cholesterol levels is, if your blood sugar is raised, or if there is any kidney damage. The following links provide further information on why these are important.

You may also be on certain medication that requires regular yearly test to ensure your kidneys or liver are coping with them.  On some occasions, it may be necessary to repeat the test. There are many reasons for this, each of which require an individual explanation. Please be reassured, that if you are partaking in this pilot project, your blood results will be viewed by the clinical team in the same manner as we process all results, and if there is an issue, we will contact you directly to arrange the necessary repeat or further tests.


Downloading The Forms

On the dashboard screen you will find a button entitled “Your Forms”. This can also be found on the bar down the left hand side of the screen.

A printable copy of “How To Download Your Forms” is available here.

On the Your Forms screen, find the form you wish to download. It will either say:

  • Blood Form
  • Urine Form.

To download the form simply click the blue “view” button and follow the instructions.

This can then be printed off.

If you are having difficulty viewing these forms, then please notify us at the surgery where we can arrange for you to collect a copy.


What To Do With The Blood Form

Please take this form with you to have your blood test done. You can either make an appointment to have it done at Lion Health via reception or have it done at Corbett Hospital or Russells Hall Hospital at the times shown on the blood form. It is important that you fast for this blood test to give us a most accurate result. This means not eating or drinking anything for 12 hours before the test, except for sips of water. We recommend you eat your evening meal before 8pm, and then attend for the blood test during an early morning appointment, and go then and have your breakfast. Bedtime medication can be taken with a sip of water, and most morning medication can be taken when you return after the blood test.


What To Do With The Urine Form

It is important that you have a white topped bottle which are available from the surgery at the reception desk. Please do NOT use a red top bottle- we cannot analyse the urine in these bottles. You collect the urine early in the morning, preferably your first urination of the day. This sample can be given with the printed form, when attending for your blood test at either Lion Health, Corbett Hospital or Russells Hall Hospital.


What To Do After I Have Had The Tests Performed

Once you have provided both samples, please ensure that you click the ‘Test Forms’ within your task timeline. Click the green button to show you have completed this task. This will ensure reminders are not sent to you, and that your submission is complete and ready for viewing by the clinical team by Day 21.


What Do We Check?

The blood tests are designed to check some of the more common cardiovascular risk factors such as raised cholesterol and ensuring you have not developed diabetes.

In addition, we are checking to make sure any medication that you are on is not causing you any problems.



The following video is designed to explain why we check cholesterol.



The following video is designed to explain why we check glucose.