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Alcohol is widely available in many different forms and for the vast majority of people drinking alcohol causes few problems.

The effects of alcohol can range from troubles dealing with a hang-over to far more severe disruption to an individual's life. It is important to be aware of how much it is safe to drink because individuals do not need to be an "alcoholic" in order for alcohol to affect someone's health.

I think I may drink to much alcohol

The most important step in dealing with alcohol excess is to acknowledge that there may be a problem. There are lots of different ways in which individuals can prevent any long term problems from alcohol drinking.

In addition to discussing your concerns with your GP, there are local support networks including Aquarius. Here you can access information and local help groups.

Physical Health Effects

Alcohol can affect a number of the bodies systems. In addition to contributing to weight gain, mood disturbances and stomach problems alcohol can also affect the liver. Luckily the liver is a very resilient organ and by reducing alcohol intake any liver problems can be minimised. If your alcohol intake is on the high side then you may be offered some blood tests to look at your liver function.


Alcohol counsellors from Aquarius run sessions at the surgery and can be arranged via reception.

Getting an appointment

See above.

Further Information

The links below discuss, ways that alcohol can cause health problems and also how to work out how much alcohol is contained within some of the common alcoholic drinks.


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