Clinics and Services - Other


We offer a Phlebotomy (Blood Test) clinic service at Lion Health Medical Practice at the following times and venues:

Monday 9.00am - 12.20pm

Lion Health, 2 Lowndes Road



9.00am - 12.20pm

Lion Health, 2 Lowndes Road

9.00am - 12.20pm

Lion Health, 2 Lowndes Road

These appointments are available to everyone not just patients at Lion Health. Appointments for Blood tests can be booked at any of the Lion Health Medical Practice sites.

Anti Coagulation Clinics (WARFARIN)

We are pleased to inform you that we now hold anticoagulation clinics at the practice on Friday afternoons. These clinics are run by nursing staff from the Anticoagulation Team at Russells Hall and Corbett Hospitals.

If you are interested in attending these clinics for your checks, please discuss this at the hospital when you have your next blood test.

Please note - appointments are generated and managed from the Anticoagulation Clinic at the hospital only and not by Lion Health.

For enquiries, please contact the Anticoag Team on 01384 244048.


The physio service attached to our practice is based jointly at the Corbett Hospital and our Lion Health, 2 Lowndes Road site. If physio is felt necessary to help your condition then your G.P. will refer you to it. Please be advised that this service is for acute problems and is not suitable for lengthly ongoing physio needs. You will be offered a maximum of six sessions.


Should you need to be referred for secondary care treatment, you will have the option to select which hospital or secondary care centre you wish to attend to have your treatment. Patients are advised to speak to their GP at the point of referral, who will be able to provide you with the options that are available in each circumstance.