Clinics and Services - Immunisations

Immunisations can be necessary for a whole variety of reasons we offer immunisations as part of

Employment Requests

It is the responsibility of your employer's occupational health department to ensure that you have the correct vaccinations and immunisations to perform your job.

G.P's do not provide occupation health services as part of their NHS responsibilities nor can we provide this service even if it is funded by yourself.

Medical Reasons

There are a number of examples where appropriate vaccinations and immunisations are necessary as part of your medical care. This will be advised by your hospital consultant or our practice if this is required. Examples include tetanus and flu vaccinations.


A crucial part of the care we provide to our patients over 65 and those with chronic illness (there are strict eligibility criteria that we must adhere to) with a seasonal flu jab. We generally run clinics throughout October and when we have more details these will be posted here.

Flu vaccines still available to those eligible. Please ask Reception for details.