Travel Clinic

Lion Health has a Travel Clinic.

Many people are now travelling to exotic destinations and this means special consideration should be given to protecting yourself from the risk of infections that are not commonly encountered in the United Kingdom.

A comprehensive advice service is offered to people who are travelling abroad here at the surgery. Regular clinics at different times are held at the Surgery and its best to plan ahead.

Book 6-8 weeks before your intended departure and this enables you to receive the immunisations and prescriptions that you may require.

To plan your immunisation and prescription requirements bring your dates. Children who are travelling will require vaccinations and prescriptions, an up to date weight will be required to determine their immunisation or prescription dosages.

Travellers may require immunisations that boost previous vaccines. Others will require specific vaccinations against less common conditions e.g. Japanese Encephalitis, Yellow Fever, Cholera. Malaria is a serious condition that can be protected against. Using up to date information we can tailor a suitable course of malaria prophylaxis to the individuals travel plans. Protecting yourself against Malaria is very important.

Lion Health is a designated Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre. This means that vaccination and certification can be provided to the individual who is planning to travel to areas where Yellow Fever is present. Some countries will not allow access unless appropriate certification is provided.

Preventative medication for malaria and some vaccinations sit outside NHS funding. This means that some travellers will have to pay for their vaccinations and all travellers will have to pay for their malaria medication.

As this is outside NHS Funding the costs may be higher than you expect. Always think about budgeting for your holiday vaccinations and malaria medication when you book your exotic trip.

Happy, healthy travelling and holidays.

For more information please visit the following sites:

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Just In Case Medications

As the summer time approaches we get a lot of requests for medication "just in case". Please read the attached leaflet before attending your G.P. to request such medication.

Just in Case PDF