Long Term Conditions (LTC) 2016/2017

The way the practice manages Long Term Conditions is a key focus for 2016-2017

What Are Long Term Conditions?

Problems patients have for life, or a significant period of time:

  • Simple: includes, Asthma, Raised Blood Pressure…
  • More Serious: includes, Diabetes, Heart Disease…

LTCs can affect a person's general well-being, impact upon a person socially and/or psychologically, and in many cases include preventable complications.  

Managing LTCs impacts upon all areas of the organisation, as well as (most importantly) you the patient.  All parts of the patient journey need to work properly, to ensure patient care is efficient, equitable, and of a high quality:

Next Steps?

We set up focus groups, based on a process of data collection looking into problems and possible areas of improvement.  The areas we are focusing on at this point are:

  • The Flu Campaign.
  • Patients Getting A LTC Appt.
  • Clinician/Consultation Time.

With a core group meeting regularly to monitor progress in all areas.


Core Group: Meeting Minutes

LTC Core Project Meeting - 14th July 2016

LTC Core Project Meeting - 28th July 2016

LTC Core Project Meeting - 11th August 2016

LTC Core Project Meeting - 8th September 2016

LTC Core Project Meeting - 6th October 2016

LTC Core Project Meeting - 24th November 2016

LTC Core Project Meeting - 26th January 2017

LTC Core Project Meeting - 16th February 2017


Going Forward?

Having completed our focus group work, the practice is now using the information gathered to implement improvements, which will ensure a more effective and efficient process of LTC management from April 2017.


Thanks to our staff and patients that have supported the program so far, we still want to hear your thoughts, so always let us know what works and what doesn't.